The function of story in IT – Les Chambers

Een reactie die ik kreeg naar aanleiding van mijn artikel in IEEE Software. Les schrijft mooie artikelen over storytelling in het IT vak. Altijd leuk om gelijkgestemden tegen te komen.

I read your article in IEEE Software on using stories in software development with great interest. I have been studying this subject for the past 10 years. I developed an interest when I read of Bob McKee’s work with start-ups pitching investment opportunities to New York investment bankers. There was an excellent article in the Harvard Business Review. Even back in 2003 it was commonplace for Hollywood scriptwriters to assist businesses in assembling compelling presentations. It turns out that a good story well told is worth 1000 bullet point slides. Some of these guys had hundred percent success rates.
Last year I wrote an article on the relevance of story to systems engineering. I am totally convinced that systems and software engineering should be taught through stories. All my other essays on this site take that line. I think it’s working. I had tearful responses to some posts (examples: A Tale of Nakedness, Alsatians and Fagan Inspection. and Barcelona).
My next piece will tell the story of how a decision was made to embark on an expensive process improvement process in a very stressful environment and how that decision would have been must easier if my management team members and I had a better knowledge of Iroquois legend.
It is encouraging that there are like minds out there.


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